NEW ORLEANS -- Local residents have very different opinions on President Donald Trump's first 30 days in office.

From Donald Trump wigs to colorful clothing, down at "The Front" in the Bywater, artistic creativity flows with artists finding different ways of expressing their thoughts about President Donald Trump.

"It's more loosely under the bad hombres, nasty women umbrella," Artist Lee Deigaard said.

Many people are used the Presidents Day holiday to deliver their message-turned-art as a form of activism.

"We can be fearless and exploratory and I think that helps," Deigaard said. "It helps not to feel alone, with the anxiety of how things are unfolding."

Many people, however, do not see President Trump's first 30 days as a failure.

"I think he is working on issues that people care about," Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere said.

Villere said Trump is fulfilling the demands of his supporters, including the Executive Order on the country's travel ban. An order that has received harsh criticism and may make its way to the Supreme Court.

"They couldn't notify people and give them plenty notice because people would've tried to sneak in real quick and get around it," Villere said. "So, it was maybe a little

Trump's first 30 days became the focus at Tulane University, with panelist and professors discussing topics with students and the community. Those topics included immigration, foreign policy, human rights, and environmental concerns among others.

"All Presidents start by doing their sort of pet projects that they campaigned on," Celeste Lay, Associate Professor of Political Science said. "And so, Trump is not unique in that respect. There are some things that go into effect almost with regularity. "

What is uncommon, according to Lay, are President Trump's approval ratings during his first month.

"We are a nation divided," Lay said. "He's exceptionally popular among those that supported him, Republicans and those that voted for him. But he's exceptionally unpopular, even for a new President, among Democrats and Independents to an extent."

Many also said the first 30 days may not be an accurate precursor to what the next four years hold.

"People need to just take a deep breath, and they need to look and see what he does," Villere said. "We need to give him three or four months to see how far and how good he is moving the country."