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Scalise dodges question about whether he believes 2020 election was stolen

Scalise was asked three times by FOX News' Chris Wallace as to whether he thought the election had been stolen and he did not directly answer - one way or the other.
Credit: AP
FILE - In a Monday, June 18, 2018 file photo, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., speaks at the National Sheriffs' Association convention in New Orleans. After crisscrossing the country to bolster fellow Republicans, Scalise, who was shot at a congressional baseball practice in 2017, squeezed in a publicity tour for his new book about his survival and recovery before returning to work in Congress.(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert, File)

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — The House’s second-ranking Republican, Rep. Steve Scalise, is refusing to say that the 2020 election wasn’t stolen. 

In a television interview Sunday, the Louisiana congressman dodged direct questions from FOX News' Chris Wallace as to whether the 2020 presidential election was won by Joe Biden or if he feels the election was stolen.

Scalise was asked several times and continually repeated that states didn't follow the Constitution by making election rules for the emergency pandemic situation rather than allowing the state legislatures to determine how the elections would be run.

"I've been very clear from the beginning," Scalise said to Wallace in reply to his queries. "If you look at a number of states, they didn't follow their state-passed laws that govern the election for president. That is what the United States Constitution says. They don't say that the states determine what the rules are, they say the state legislatures determine the rules."

Scalise argues that states didn't follow the Constitution. That's a reference to a legal argument that was turned away by the Supreme Court.

Wallace asked the same question twice more, but Scalise kept giving the same answer - neither affirming that he thought the election was stolen nor saying that Biden was a legitimate winner. 

It's more than 11 months after Americans picked their president and almost nine months since Biden was inaugurated. But Scalise is unwilling to acknowledge the legitimacy of the vote, instead sticking to his belief that the election results shouldn't have been certified by Congress. 

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