BATON ROUGE -- Louisiana voters who cast ballots this fall will get an "I VOTED" sticker that could soon become a collector's item, featuring George Rodrigue's iconic Blue Dog.

Secretary of State Tom Schedler unveiled the new sticker Monday, saying he hopes it will help draw higher participation in the Nov. 8 election. The sticker features the famous wide-eyed Blue Dog sitting in front of an American flag, an image created by Rodrigue in 2001.


“We were looking for a way to make this Presidential Election unique and exciting for Louisiana voters,” said Secretary Schedler. “We traditionally have robust turnout when we elect the President, but I’m hoping this sticker will put us over the top in terms of turnout. I have a feeling everyone is going to want to show their patriotism and pride by proudly wearing this nationally-famous Louisiana artist’s ‘I VOTED’ sticker.”

The “I VOTED” stickers will be available to participating voters at each polling location on Election Day and at every early voting site in Louisiana. Early voting begins in Louisiana on Oct. 25 and runs through Nov. 1. Election Day across the country is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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