Pamela Reeder spent the last several weeks on the phone with the Sewerage & Water Board or visiting their St. Joseph Street headquarters pleading for help.

Raw sewage backing up into her home was a common sight, and the Pontchartrain Park resident said the S&WB needs to solve the problem.

It’s one they have said they would, but only after almost three months of complains from Reeder.

During a call Wednesday afternoon to the S&WB’s emergency line, a representative admitted to Reeder that there is a work order to fix the problem but that it could be another two days before help arrives.

“Uh, Lord,” Reeder said after hanging up. “And then they’re saying February the 8th.”

But help arrived sooner. A crew showed up Wednesday night, and repairs began.

It was a relief after so many weeks of hoping more sewage would not back up into her home. Reeder said she was told on Tuesday that a crew would be outside of her home, tearing up her driveway and street, at 7 a.m. Wednesday.

“Nobody showed up,” she said. And by sundown, no one had.

Reeder said she and her husband had both taken time off of work to sit and wait at the S&WB’s headquarters.

She said Thursday she was happy to have no more worries about possible sewage backups.

"I want to say thank you (to the S&WB) and just stick with y'all word and send the contractors out and finish doing what need to be did and I'll be very thankful," Reeder said.