NEW ORLEANS — There was a meaningful moment for the Krewe of Rex at the Montgomery-Grace mansion in the Garden District.

Since 1907, the King of Carnival has stopped to honor the family who lives there.

But just two weeks ago, fire destroyed the the historic home at 2525 St. Charles Avenue.

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This year, the family set up a grandstand in front of the burned mansion.

Rex and his entourage made a special presentation to the matriarch of the family, Ann Montgomery.

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Then he exchanged a toast with Bill Grace, one of five residents of the home to serve as King of Carnival.

The Rex organization has gone through a great deal of expense and trouble to erect these bleachers here so all of our guests could watch it. So happy that the guests are here to join in that tradition we've had, 113th year," Grace said.

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Many of the family members and their guests wore New Orleans firefighter gear in honor of those who fought so hard to save what they could of the historic home.