NEW ORLEANS — At the Superdome Friday, it was all hands on deck as crews made last minute touches on the field and around the dome.

Meanwhile, downtown New Orleans was a sea of Black and Gold, that is with a few fans in other colors.

“Green and white, green and white is showing up strong,” one Eagles fan said.

“We came down here to represent Philadelphia strong. We're going to repeat as champions and we came down here to prove to New Orleans we're the real champs!” Eagles fan Jim Jefferson said.

“Here for my Eagles baby! Super Bowl Champs represent!" another Eagles fan chimed in.

Chants and cheers could be heard around the French Quarter but were often met with a friendly rivalry spirit.

“One team, one city, one dream, everyone says we're underdogs, everyone says we're not good enough, I'm here to stand next to everyone else from Philadelphia,” Eagles fan John Schmidt said.

Nearby, staff at Bourbon Street Drinkery were busy getting ready for Sunday. Considered the unofficial bar for Eagles fans, they are hosting a watch party for whoever wants to have some fun.

"Southern hospitality, we're very welcoming to our neighbors our fellow NFL fans,” Alfie Saligumba, of the Bourbon Street Drinkery, said.

With excitement soaring before the two teams face off, Saints fans are calling fowl on the Eagles fans’ confidence.

"I think everything he just said is wrong and he'll be very disappointed with our Drew Brees and our boys because they are #1 and the best,” Saints fan Margaret Fenasci said.