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Sneak a peek inside the Rex float den

This year's parade theme is "Visions of the Sun," depicting myths surrounding the sun throughout history
Credit: WWL
Floats lined up inside the Rex den. Floats designed and built by Kern Studios depict the theme "Visions of the Sun."

NEW ORLEANS — Rex, like all parading krewes, hopes for nothing but sunshine and clear skies on the day of its parade. This year it's taken that to heart, by designing a parade with the sun in its title and depicted in various forms on 20 of its theme floats.

"Visions of the Sun" is the theme of the 2019 Rex parade, which rolls at 10 a.m. on Mardi Gras.

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The floats, designed by artistic director Henri Schindler, artist Manuel Ponce and artists and craftspeople at Kern Studios, depict mythological tales of the sun throughout history.

Click here or below for a slideshow of some of the Rex floats.

"Throughout human history the sun has been regarded with awe and wonder," Rex explains in its parade description. "Early cultures ascribed to the sun the qualities of deity and sought to describe its powerful place in daily life by creating elaborate stories to explain its daily life-giving arc across the sky. Throughout the ages the sun has been a source of wonder and inspiration to poets, writers, artists, and storytellers. 'Visions of the Sun' beautifully portrays these legends, myths and colorful images."

The floats include depictions of the sun in Greek, Roman, Hindu and Egyptian mythology, poetry and biblical tales, as well as from Asian, Native American and African cultures, among others.

The Rex Organization's "Rex in the Classroom" project brings the parade theme into local schools, by presenting illustrated parade notes with descriptions of each float and its significance in history or mythology.

In addition to the 20 theme floats, Rex's eight signature floats will make their annual appearance this year, including the Boeuf Gras, the King's Jesters, His Majesty's Bandwagon, the Butterfly King and the most photographed float in Carnival: the King's float.