NEW ORLEANS - Some clever New Orleans neighbors are using the debate over Confederate monuments as a way to capture the attention of City Hall and Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

They are hoping to highlight other issues in the city. Pictures of two trash cans with messages painted on them in the Lower Garden District went viral on social media.

One message says "I am an offensive historical monument, please haul me away."

The other has new lyrics to the old song Dixie Land, "...old junk there is hot and rotten."

The city's trash pick-up vendors are in the process of distributing new cans and picking up the old ones.

"If you can haul away monuments, maybe you can haul away garbage cans."

Julianna Iacovone said that was her thought as she hand painted the trash cans.

"They said the old garbage cans are going to be picked up before May 1, and here it is May 15, and the garbage cans have still not been picked up and that's trough, as far as I can tell for this whole part of the Lower Garden District," Iacovone said.

There was also a post on Facebook over the weekend asking people to spray paint the name of a Confederate general on every pothole.

That's exactly what someone did in the 6300 block of Bellaire in Lakeview. They dubbed the pot hole General Robert E. Lee. Carson Smith lives across the street from the pothole.

"I can't tell, you know, if this was done because they're angry about the monuments, but it is definitely kind of a good way to get the government's attention here," Smith said.

Smith hopes the message works.

"This is probably one of the worst streets in New Orleans, pothole wise," Smith said.

Back in the Lower Garden District, the old trash cans are now expected to be gone by the end of the week.

According to the city, the final day for pick up will be this Saturday, May 20.

All residents are asked to put their trash carts on the curb now so contractors can pick them up.