NEW ORLEANS — Some students at a New Orleans charter school were suspended for a week and barred from graduation after participating in a "senior prank" with water guns and balloons last week.

In a statement released Monday, school leaders at Sophie B. Wright Charter School warn that criminal or civil action could be taken after school property was sprayed with water and a student and teacher were hurt. The school also says a bathroom was "compromised" during the prank.

Video of the prank shows a group of students spraying water guns and throwing water balloons at each other on Friday.

“Sophie B. Wright High School does not tolerate any behavior that disrupts our community or creates an unsafe environment," the statement Board President James Watson said. "Our policies are clearly defined and our students are constantly reminded that their actions have consequences."

Watson said the school was aware of a potential prank for April Fool's week and warned students to not join in or they would not be able to participate in senior activities including graduation. Parents say that the students owe the principal an apology, but the punishment is too harsh.

Eyewitness News spoke with a parent who stopped by the school Tuesday morning on his way to work. He said he was praying that the school's principal changes her mind.

"I just pray this sister has some kind of heart.  I understand the seriousness that she feels what happened but if you take anything, take the prom, suspend them for five days, but don't take the graduation," Travis Lyons said.

Watson said that investigations into damages to people and property will continue and "further criminal and civil actions will be determined."


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