NEW ORLEANS — Meet Katharine Ross, a high school senior at St. Katharine Drexel Prepatory school.

"I want to major in Psychology so I can be a forensic psychologist," Ross said.

"Academically, she's so astute," principal Jacob Owens said. "She reads, writes, she does math and she doesn't just do it, it's ingrained it's her personality."

Like most seniors, she has one tough decision to make.

"It's just been amazing to go through this ride," she said. "I mean, there's nothing I would change about this journey at all."

At last check, Ross had been accepted into 31 colleges, and has been awarded at least $1.5 million in academic scholarships.

"I just feel excited and humbled every time I see an acceptance letter," she said. "It was something I never would've imagined."

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Owens isn't surprised though.

"Everybody should want her," he said. "When you look at her on paper, straight A's, great ACT score, she's out in the community doing community work. Who doesn't want a student like that?"

"I take Spanish III," Ross said. "That's an honors class, America Civics is an honors class, Biology II is honors too, and then religion, dance."

There's been no slacking for this senior who's schedule keeps her busy around the clock.

"I did choir at one point, band," she said. "Right now I'm president of the Diversity Club and president of the National Honors Society, secretary of Student Council, secretary of FBLA and the list just goes on."

Her accomplishments aren't restricted to her school's campus, because four days a week Ross also takes calculus at Xavier University -- a rare sight even for her professor.

"At first, other students would turn and look and say what is she doing in her high school uniform?" Donna Stutson said.

When asked if it's common for her to have high school students in her classes, she responded by saying, "In my 22 years I think I've had (including Katharine) three."

"I wish all of my students were as energetic and dedicated as she is," Stutson said.

When done, this 4.51 GPA high school student will graduate as a second-semester freshman in college.

"It was a lot," Ross said. "Sometimes I wouldn't go to sleep until 4 a.m., and I would have to wake right back up at 6:50 a.m."

Her hard work though has paid off, but now comes the toughest part -- narrowing 31 choices down to one.

"I've been accepted into Spelman, I was happy about that," Ross said. "Georgia State, Clark Atlanta, Drexel University which is where my mom got her doctorate from. I applied to them because I saw something I liked."

And whichever one makes the cut, her teachers have a message for Katherine:

"Enjoy it, it'll go quickly," Stutson said.

"Continue to reach for the stars," Owens said. "Continue to grow. There's nothing impossible for a student of that caliber."