NEW ORLEANS - Louisiana voters feel just as strongly about President Donald Trump as they did when 58 percent of them voted to make him the president of the United States nearly five months ago, according to a survey.

The survey, taken by the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center on March 21, shows that President Trump has a 58 percent approval rating among voters in the state, which equals the 58 percent of the vote he received in the state on Election Day last November.

The poll also breaks down along racial lines as you might expect.

About 71 percent of white voters gave Trump positive marks, while 70 percent of African-American voters felt the opposite way.

The survey showed that Trump enjoyed a little more of a positive rating across political lines in the state than what has been found in national polls. About one-fourth of Louisiana Democrats approve of Trump, while 58 percent of Independents and third-party voters also gave him good marks.