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Thief wearing Michael Myers Halloween mask caught on surveillance

"It scared the hell out of me because it was so bizarre."

NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans Police are investigating a bizarre, and somewhat scary theft that has people talking. You'll understand why when you see the surveillance video.

Appearing on a doorstep, wearing a Michael Myers serial killer Halloween mask, doorbell surveillance video posted on the NOPD's YouTube channel, looks like it could be from a scene of a horror film.

However, it's actually the scene on Joseph Street around 4:00 a.m. last week.

"He kept his hands covered the whole time," said the homeowner affected."It almost looked like he was wearing pajama bottoms too."

As one neighbor put it, it's what nightmares are made of. Others feel it's a prank. Either way, almost a dozen people we asked didn't want to go on camera about it.

"Most of my neighbors were really concerned because they don't see it being normal for this area," she said.

The homeowner, who also wanted her identity masked, says watching the video brought both confusion and uneasiness.

"Walks straight up to my front door," she described. "Then he picks up this little bunny and it's sitting in a bicycle with a basket on it, Hobby Lobby, cheap little thing. And that was it. It scared the hell out of me because it was so bizarre."

The masked person took the stolen lawn ornaments and ran down Clara Street. New Orleans Police were notified and they're now investigating.

No other property was taken, still, this woman knows this creepy theft will be one she remembers.

"I've had plants pulled up so I have a feeling it's the same person," she said.

She also says she's keeping her eyes and cameras pealed in case this masked person returns.

New Orleans Police told Eyewitness News no one was available for comment regarding the incident. 

If you have any information call Crimestoppers at 822-1111.