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This sophisticated Google Docs phishing scam is sweeping the internet

Be on the lookout. A sophisticated phishing scam that's reportedly fooling tech-savvy users is making it's way through hundreds of Gmail accounts.

If you receive a link to a Google Doc that you weren't expecting, don't open it!

According to one user on Reddit, he received an e-mail to access a Google Doc from someone he knew and had messaged previously in the past.

Phishing scam that attacks Gmail users.

What was scarier is that when he clicked the link, it took him to a very real-looking Google.com URL that masks itself as a sign-in sheet.

However, when the target accesses the sign-in sheet, it spreads the scam to all of your e-mail contacts and will send scam e-mails to everyone you've ever e-mailed.

Users are calling this scam extremely sophisticated. The hackers could potentially get control of not only your Google account, but your social media accounts, as well.

Google confirmed that it was investigating the e-mail and encourages users to report the e-mail as phishing within Gmail.



Those who have fallen for the scam should change their passwords, and revoke permission to the Google Docs app by clicking here.


1. Go to https://t.co/60z1CDeunO
2. Find the app called "Google Docs"
3. Revoke all permissions

— Zach Latta (@zachlatta) May 3, 2017


You can find more information on the Reddit page dedicated to discussing phishing attempts below:

New Google Docs phishing scam, almost undetectable from google