NEW ORLEANS — Thousands of Rolling Stones fans waited for hours to get tickets to the band's upcoming Jazz Fest performance. 

Everyone, it seemed, had a reason for being there, and people who waited to get their hands on the tickets say it was well worth the wait.

It was quite the sight at the Superdome Thursday, as thousands lined up for one thing.

"We're out here getting Rolling Stones tickets for Jazz Fest," said Michael Yarborough, from New Orleans. "They are probably the most iconic Rock n' Roll band of all time. How can you not see them if they come to your hometown?"

"This is a golden ticket opportunity here!" described Tony LeMon from Mandeville.

LeMon waited in line since 3:45 a.m.

"I thought I was crazy until I got here and saw all of this!" he said.

A Stones fan for years, news the band was coming to New Orleans brought back memories he had to re-live.

"Wow, seeing Mick Jagger and the band and listening to all the music I grew up with and feeling all of those emotions," he said. "All those moments in time when their songs were perfect for that moment in time, it's cool stuff. I told my wife I'm getting tickets. I don't care how I'm getting them and I don't care if I have to dig a hole and tunnel my way into the fairgrounds, I'm seeing the Stones."

Jennifer Cecil was down the line keeping tradition alive.

"My dad actually camped out for the tour in 1975 and I'm wearing my mom's 1989 Steel Wheels t-shirt," Cecil said.

A fan since birth, she came early to the dome with backup.

"I was born in '81 which would've been the Tattoo World Tour," she said. "I got my friend over here who's going to help me make sure I have tickets for my parents because they bought plane tickets for this back in November, when they were just rumors."

At 10 a.m. sales started with cheers as people got their tickets. Many exhausted and cold, but no doubt thrilled they'll be seeing their favorite band take the stage in May at Jazz Fest. 

Tickets to the general public go on sale Jan. 18 at 10 a.m. on