NEW ORLEANS - Gino Kalkanoglu looked at the security camera video of a man stealing a package the Post Office delivered to his front door Tuesday, and he was furious.

"This is something that we take seriously," said New Orleans Police Second District Commander Shaun Ferguson.

"I hope he goes to jail, I hope they catch him and he goes to jail," Gino fumed.

"They steal the packages in various series, so we would like to get on top of it as fast as we can because we don't want anyone else to be targeted or victimized by this particular individual," Ferguson added.

Gino is a videographer who producers documentaries and television shows, so he has a good security camera that he says delighted the detective. It showed his neighbor trying to prevent the theft.

"My neighbor comes out, and she confronts him, and is like 'what are you doing, give me the package, and is like I'm going to call the police, smile for the camera,' and tried to take a picture of him."

Eyewitness News has been tracking so-called porch pirate thefts since 2012, and Gino said his diabetic neighbor had his insulin stolen.

"He had to go to the hospital to get his insulin shots."

Gino said the theft is a reminder of the policy they've adopted to avoid becoming victims of theft, to not have the package delivered to their house.

"Usually we get our shipments shipped to my mother-in-law's house in Slidell, or a local UPS store," Gino said.

"Request from the delivery company to have someone sign for the package when it is being delivered," Ferguson explained. You can also plan to be at home when the package is delivered, or ask a neighbor take it.

Stealing a package delivered by the post office is a federal crime, and postal inspectors are being alerted.

But police warn you not to confront a criminal if you catch them in the act, because that could be dangerous.