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Viewer photos | Flooded mess on Metairie streets

METAIRIE, La. -- A situation is bubbling up in Metairie following severe storms Wednesday evening across much of Southeast Louisiana. 

Photos of an overflowing sewer were taken near Henican and Kawannee streets shortly before 8 a.m. Thursday, May 4.

Viewer Christine Delatte took the photos and said the sewer water could be seen flowing into the street and into a nearby storm drain.

"It looks like a manhole cover pushed off because of the force of the water," Delatte commented.

This has been going on since new streets and sewer lines were put in, Delatte said, but the overflowing of water just started Thursday.

"Leaking drain lines under the street are causing sinkholes and damage to properties," Delatte added in her email. 

Delatte also said the water looked very brown, but she could not confirm if it contained raw sewage. 

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