It’s a common sight and sound across the city. 

For an average of just $175 an hour, you can take your party anywhere, but tonight, owners of party buses are saying the city is being petty, while the city says it’s worried about safety.

Wednesday, the Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s issued a warning to Party Bus Operators saying “Stronger Enforcement is Coming.”

“We want to make sure people are safe,” Zachary Smith, Director of the Department of Safety and Permits, said. "As we are coming up on enforcement, we want to make sure that it's that all parties are aware of what's going's something that's been in the works for quite some time. It's been a huge priority of the mayor as part of the larger transportation safety  initiatives that this department deals with. Part of it was school buses as you've seen prior buses is the next step in that process."

The Mayor’s office also made a list for party bus riders to remember: 

For example: If the top of the bus is cut off, city leaders say that’s a safety hazard. They also say if a trailer is attached, it’s unsafe. 

"We have a lot of folks tourist and locals in various high traffic areas that complain about the general, unsafe manner in which they operate. The fact that some vehicles like the pulled trailers behind a truck, that have people hanging off of them--are of course unsafe to any casual observer. And noise complaints related to when they pass by and have music blaring. And also where these things park and where  they pick up and drop off--and the trash associated with those,” Smith said. 

"I want the Mayor on the bus!!” Andrew Honeycutt, also known as DJ Whatever said. 

DJ Whatever has been operating Party Buses since 1998. 

"The city's got a lot of things to worry about! Let's beat down on this crime. You know, fix the potholes in the street. Sewerage and Water Board ... The flooding! We care more about that,” DJ  Whatever said. 

DJ Whatever says buses also do a lot of great things, like preventing DUI’s and they help to keep young people occupied. 

"New Orleans is just a party! It's a party! We've been doing it too long. You understand, so if they've got regulations that they wanna bring up, you know, just bring us to the table and you know go from there,” DJ Whatever said. 

The city also wants to remind operators that it’s illegal to operate a party us in the city without being registered and approved by the Department of Safety and Permits. 

Operation of unpermitted vehicles could result in everything from ticketing, to arrest and impoundment.