NEW ORLEANS — Just about everyone has purchased something online, but did you know roughly 30 percent of those online purchases get sent back?

When you return a product you bought online, the company you bought it from (let’s say Amazon) can’t resell it as new because of the cost to put it back on the shelf, so they liquidate it.

We went to a website called Direct Liquidation that Amazon and other big companies work with. There are a couple companies that do this. They take all that returned stuff, put it in broad categories, then sell it by the pallet.

We gave it a try to see if it’s a good deal.

Most of the items have a brief description of what’s inside and a handful of pictures, but other than that, it’s a mystery.

The bidding is easy, just like Ebay. After getting outbid a few times, we eventually won a pallet of 45 different items. The description read “45 Pcs – Pet Toys & Pet Supplies, Camping & Hiking, Safety Clothing & Equipment, Fishing & Wildlife – Customer Returns.”

The pictures informed us that we’re going to get at least a reptile cage and some bar stools, but not much else.

We got it for $75, the MSRP was close to $2,000, but the shipping might  be a deal breaker for most. Shipping the pallet cost us more than $280.

When it was time for the big reveal, some stuff left us surprised. Hair nets? A radiator? A case of soda? I guess we didn’t really know what to expect, but we definitely didn’t see a full-body pregnancy pillow coming.

Most of it is in fairly good shape and completely unopened, or only partially opened.

We streamed the whole opening on Facebook live, so you can see it all for yourself:

Here’s my take on the whole experience: Most of the stuff was in decent shape, but didn’t seem like it was all that valuable. Definitely not worth $2,000.

I say, unless you have a way of picking this stuff up yourself (saving yourself the shipping cost) untested customer returns aren’t the best idea.