NEW ORLEANS -- The World Series is something all baseball lovers look forward too. However, for Cubs fans, their excitement may be on another level.

When many found out their team was headed to the World Series, the celebration could be heard from coast to coast.

On Tuesday night, that celebration continued as the Cubs and Indians faced off for the first time.

It was a sea of blue at Milan Lounge Tuesday night.

"This place is the epicenter of Cubs baseball, even people from Chicago will call it Wrigley-Ville South," said superfan Jeff Maumus. "Go Cubs go!"

Dressed in their best, fans from all over came ready to cheer on the Cubs.

"I knew they were going to do it before I died, so I'm very excited," said Rebecca Nwilke laughing.

Emotions are high because it's been 108 years since the Cubs last won a World Series.

"It's been longer than any other sports team out there," said Milan Lounge owner, Kevin Burley. "It's just so much history here and people want it so bad."

So as the team took the field, people took a seat, excited to watch history play out on the TV screen.

"To come together with a bunch of other Cubs fans is awesome," said Nwilke.

Others agreed.

"What I really think about are the people especially in Chicago, who've been waiting more than a lifetime for this experience," said Maumus. "I've been waiting all of my life to see something in baseball to get excited about. It's been a long time coming and it's well worth it."

Fans WWL-TV spoke to said they didn't believe in any curse because it wasn't about if the team would qualify again, but when.

"I've seen them come so close and yet lose every little bit and it's heartbreaking," said Nwilke. "But we just persevered and loved them to death and this is our year."

Some said they already feel like champions having their team make the Series. However, they're all ready to finish this series on top, and 'Fly the W' for all to see.

"Just getting to the World Series is awesome, but it's not enough, we're going to win it all," said Nwilke.
Game 2 continues tomorrow night in Cleveland. The game is set to start around 7 p.m.