Every hunting story has a moral. This one is about how a non-profit organization brought two families together, with one offering the other a great opportunity and having fun getting it done.

With his stepfather, Navy Chief John Odom, stationed in South Korea, 13-year-old Alan Mason helps his mom Danielle care for his three siblings. He was disappointed no one could take him deer hunting, but then a surprise opportunity arose.

"It was always a passion of mine to one day give back and try to do something for kids the way I taught my children. It's been a passion of me and my family," said Kent Fagan of Cuddlin Ranch. And through the Fagan family's generosity and the work of the charitable organization, Bring it Home Northshore, Alan, his mom and brother Logan got a special invitation.

"Bring it Home Northshore was founded to give children of deployed military personnel an outlet, a sense of normalcy when their parent or guardians are deployed," said Jackelyn Gallo of Bring it Home Northshore.

"He could never have experienced hunting like this anywhere else and with the guidance it kind of feels like family. I feel like I've been knowing them forever but I can't thank them enough," said Danielle Odom, Alan's mother.

That's a story with a great ending and two families that will forever be joined through deer hunting.