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Fish & Game: Amanda Shaw livens up Don Dubuc's trip into the Honey Island Swamp

Frogs and crickets are what you'd expect to hear at night in the swamp, but Don Dubuc and Amanda Shaw decided to liven things up

Swamp guy Captain Luka and the guys at Cajun Encounters will tell you the animals in the swamp get very lively after dark and I think we've got a special guest that's really going to fire things up tonight! 

South Louisana wetlands, culture and music - nobody blends it together like Amanda Shaw.

"When I started the Amanda Shaw Foundation it was all to honor my twentieth year in the music business," Amanda said. "I launched the Orchestrating Dreams Fund, which is a scholarship program for young people to be able to achieve their goals. Not just musicians but it's musicians, artists, young chefs any high school or junior high student that is passionate about what they're doing. They can apply for these scholarship funds," she said.

"You'lll see this big bald cypress trees and I tell you one of the advantages of coming back here, this is the Honey Island Swamp - one of Louisiana's untouched wetlands," said Captain Luka Catura.

"People hear you're from Louisiana and they spark up and whatever they've seen in movies or read in books, listened in records, everybody has a different idea and a different dream and there's no many places that spark this interest and this joy in people the way that Louisiana does," Shaw said. 

"I love the stories and they're simple stories about great people here in Louisiana that really came together with their culture and they wrote songs about working hard during the week and fais do do'ing on the weekend. Who doesn't love that who hasn't lived that? You know, just singing along with your friends."

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