ST. BERNARD PARISH, La. — April is a great time to catch redfish in the marsh, but it's also prime time for one of Louisiana's worst pests - gnats.

First, about the reds.

Capt. Jimmy Corley showed us the George Spivey High Water Shallow Popper.

"It's made out of titanium wire and you'll notice how it bends back in place so it doesn't bend all up. This is the one I prefer - you pop it, make a big splash and, as you notice, it has a lot of sound in it so you should have no problem catching fish with these."

You live by the grass you die by the grass.  

"I throw it to the grass mat, I guess about a foot or two feet then pop your cork work it like that bring it back," he said.

We fished with live or dead shrimp. You can catch them with that or use it as a locator. If you use an artificial, Corley said he'd recommend a High Water lure. 

"This one is called the southern shrimp and the one we've been fishing with is called the Vermillion cocktail."

If you want to find the reds, find the grass. And every now and then you might want to catch one of those green trout in there too.

When you get these early summer/late spring conditions, temperatures in the 50s and kind of a clear day, it's also the perfect conditions for gnats.

The best thing I've ever found for it is called Amber Romance available from Victoria's Secret. It comes in a spray or a lotion and like anything you've got to keep applying it. You'll also smell really good too!