If your spot is all messed up with the algae, give freshwater fishing a try.

"We're looking for sacalait.  We were able to get on some bream and some bass and you caught a catfish," said Captain Clyde Folse, the Crappie Psychic. "Sometimes we even catch choupique. We caught a few sacalait but the variety of fish and it's fun getting out there and you can always find a little shade on the freshwater side. You're just not out there on the open water."

This is one of the species you can catch when you're down here freshwater fishing.  It goes by a lot of names, redear sunfish is the official name. You see that little red flap on the ear. But they also call them chinquapin and lake runners. 

"When you go down one of these little canals off the Intracoastral as soon as you see the water changing color where the dark water is meeting the muddy water you want to start fishing," Captain Clyde said.

Southern University baseball coach and recent Hall of Fame inductee Roger Cador plans to include fishing as part of his retirement.

"The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame was really a special event. I do a lot of community service which is important. I speak to kids in the high schools I'm on a lot of committees with old timers and things that help people who are in need," Cador said. "Today was a really great day, I mean we had a lot of fun with the captain. This guy won't give up - he's the kind of guy you would love to have on your team."

"It is like a fishing trip and a swamp tour in one because we do get to see a lot of wildlife," Clyde said.