Deer season is open in many parts of Louisiana and the entire state is open for duck season, but you might want to bring your rod out to the bridges in Lake Pontchartrain this weekend.

Fishing will be crowded on the lake, but you can set up and catch some fish without ruining the day for other boaters.

“Try to put a little distance from somebody. You don't want to pull up on top another boat,” Dudley Vandeborre with Captain Dudley’s Charters said. “Put a little space between the boats and everybody's happy.”

Dudley recommends fishing with shrimp and using a cork to fish about nine feet deep.

“What happens is the cork will slide down the line, you've got a little stopper,” Dudley said. “So what this cork will do it will slide down and when it hits that line it'll stop.”

Captain Dudley also said to through your line out as far as you can and let it drag back to you, so that you’re covering the largest area possible.

“Once it gets to the back of the boat, if you haven't caught anything, throw it out and basically let it go and make another drag through,” he said. “Those fish are moving up and down the bridge there's no one particular spot where they are.”

Thanksgiving week is going to be crowded in Lake Pontchartrain, but if you follow Dudley’s advocate, you should end up with plenty of fish.