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Fish & Game: Hunting wild Turkey in Kansas

Trust me, it's worth the trip

A lot of people ask me, 'Don why do you go all the way to Kansas to hunt turkey when we've got good turkey hunting in the Gulf Coast states?'

Let me tell you, the turkey hunting in Kansas compared to Louisiana, Mississippi and even Alabama is so much better. 

They have the Eastern wild turkey here, but the birds we're hunting are gorgeous. They come to the call, they come to the decoys and even though it’s a long drive, your hunt is a much shorter hunt and a great time.

A much more wide open terrain is a welcome change to hunting small openings in southern thickets. Season after season hunting buddies Carl Beier of Lake Catherine, Jerry Cross of Metairie and I have filled our tags.  

“The reason we come up to Kansas, it's like God's country: no people, no crowds, birds. We've killed three birds already this morning and we've seen plenty of birds. This is just something that doesn't happen in Louisiana,” Carl Beier said.

And you won't have to wait until next spring. Kansas has a fall season from October first through New Year's Eve so you won't have to wait for your holiday main course.