GRAND ISLE -- It’s dolphin showtime in Grand Isle, but we’re looking for something a little smaller.

We went looking for redfish on a warm February morning and tried out three different spots.

“Well, our best spot has been this rip rap, these rocks,” Capt. Darly Carpenter said. “Maybe stay close to the coast. We caught more fish close to the coast than we did in the marsh today, so stay close look for any kind of rip rap any kind of island breaks. If this wind stays at fifteen knots all weekend you're going to have to look for anywhere that's kind of got you sheltered from that south wind.”

The trick is to pop your cork at the edge of the rocks so that your bait congregates at the edge where the waters kind of slack from the tide. The fish are underneath those, so that’s where you’ll find the fish.

“We left from those rocks and really had a good set up situation there, there just wasn't a whole lot of fish we weren't getting a whole lot of bites,” Carpenter said. “So, we moved up into the marsh and fishing over an oyster reef. It’s probably about a five-acre-diameter oyster reef and we found the last few weeks it’s been stacked full of redfish.”

Any time we fish structure, we fish it weightless, that way we’re not getting hung up all the time. Just put your live bait or dead shrimp under a cork and keep the weight off.

The red fish are down here in Grand Isle. It’s a good time of the year to get after them and have some fun while getting something good for the grill.