If you'll be fishing down river this weekend, watch out for thick fog and if you're fishing for reds here are some tips on using plastic baits.

The redfishing has been so good for so long it's almost gotten too easy so today we're going to level the playing field a little bit for these redfish.

"I like spinnerbaits, crankbaits, I like fishing ultra light with little baits especially in the winter time when they're not biting real well and you can see them," said Captain Ryan Lambert of Cajun Fishing Adventures.

"You can throw it in front of them and catch them like that. If you're just looking for them, something like this spinnerbait right here that works really well. Crankbaits work really well, especially if you're in a canal. Not only are they good but when they hit it they try to take your shoulder with it."

How do you fish those baits differently if you were fishing with live or dead bait?

"What they'll do is get on points and they'll get 'em on points and canals and stuff and they'll sit in one spot," he said. "I like to move, look at that redfish right there. I move more, I go down the banks and I target more fish instead of sitting in one spot but I don't like sitting in one spot - I like looking at all the animals and birds."

So when you go redfishing you can do the same old, same old you've been doing, maybe use the popping cork and some shrimp. But if you really want a challenge and have a lot of fun, go ultra light, go spinner bait or crankbait.