Catfish are one of the most underutilized fish in Louisiana. Today we're catching them, in a kayak on one of the most underfished places in the state: on the Mississippi River.

"Of course you can use a rod and reel or you can use a setup that has a piece of rebar in it," said Eric Muhoberac of the Louisiana Kayak Company. "When you set it out, you set it back like that and this end's got the hook on it and it goes down like that. Put a piece of meat, piece of bait on there and you tie it off on a tree."

"When the fish grabs it you kinda hear the piece of rebar, you'll see it go down and when you got a fish you'll see it bobbing."

"Normally we do this in late April, early May," said Robyn Bordelon of the Bayou Coast Kayak Club. "Usually the entire month of May is when the river comes up every year. Today's haul, you can't really beat that. These were all perfect eater size."

"Don't ever come out here alone, ever," Muhoberac said. "People think it's easy to just jump in and do it but it's not. You've got to be very, very safe and highly experienced. Who knows how big they are out here. The record was caught in the river for the state, I think that's 110 pounds, but they have some monsters out here."

So that's the story of catfish in the Mississippi River. The only part left now -  get the hush puppies ready.