MANDEVILLE, La. — Every NFL team sends one of their season ticket holders to the Super Bowl each season as their guest, all expenses paid.

So several weeks back, when one New Orleans Saints fan was picked he was convinced he would use the free trip to see his Saints play in the big game.

Everyone knows how it turned out last weekend, so there's no need to mull over the details again.

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This torn individual debated whether or not he wanted to go anymore after the heartbreak, until he remembered an interesting twist...

One lucky fan? 

John Horn of Mandeville is one of the most passionate Saints fans you will come across.

Nine days later, he's still dealing with the emotional aftermath of the Saints loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

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"It's been times where a Saints loss will take me, you know, months to overcome. And this one was really tough because, you know, we were in. It was over," Horn said.

A look inside of Horn's family's home, decked to the walls with black and gold gear, shows that the pain is still there. Horn, however, said he has a rejuvenated spirit for one reason.

"It was like disheartening, but then I remembered in the itinerary, that the very first thing is officiating," Horn said.

When all 32 fans are sent by their respective teams to Atlanta, the NFL gives them special access to meet with influential people that mold the league.

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And scheduled for Friday at 5 p.m., Horn will be able to meet the NFL's Head of Officiating, Al Riveron.

It's a meeting that Horn is looking forward to.

"Then i started going over in my head, now i'm going to go, and I've got a few questions," Horn said.

"They can huddle up and throw and pick up a flag, so why can't you huddle up and throw a flag? What if it happens again this Sunday, the same play, then what? Why are these guys from California? That's the biggest one. If there were guys from Louisiana, that would smell too," Horn said.

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Horn Said he's gotten a lot of feedback and suggestions from friends on what to ask since he posted the info on his social media.

And he admitted pressure comes with that, as he will be the fan to represent the Who Dat Nation.

But in the end, he hopes it's a personal healing process that leads to change.

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"It's not going to make it feel any better. It really won't. But like they say, therapy is really good about talking about things, so maybe talking about it...I just hope they listen," Horn said.