New Orleans newest sports sensation is getting advice from a long-time legend. 

Saints star Drew Brees welcomed Pelicans No. 1 draft choice Zion Williamson with a signed jersey, writing “To Zion, passing the torch to you! Who Dat!”

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The Pelicans shared an emotional video of Zion finding the jersey in his hotel room.

“Wow. Passing the torch? Am I ready to take that on?” Williamson said. “I’m ready. Let’s do it.”

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A couple of weeks ago, Brees told our partners at The New Orleans Advocate that it’s important for Zion to embrace the city.

“A bond is created not just by how you play, but how you blend into the community,” he said.

And think about this, Williamson was just 1-year-old when Brees entered the NFL.