All-Star forward Anthony Davis is seeking a divorce from New Orleans. He is headed elsewhere in search of a ring.

"He's a good player," Pelicans fan Cornell Butler said. "I like him. It hurts that he's leaving. But, it's a business. That's life."

"I'll miss him, but if he wants to move on, so it's time," Shawn Tennessee said. "I'm sorry and I'm bummed out that he's leaving."

Butler, Tennessee and a group of friends took the court at Comiskey Park in Mid-City for their weekly Tuesday morning basketball game.

They are disappointed Davis is leaving the Pelicans. They also maintain the Pelicans organization didn't do enough to keep him.

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"I think he would have stayed if Boogie (center DeMarcus Cousins) would have stayed," Pelicans fan Derek Varnado said. "They need to build around him. They wasn't doing it."

"It's always not about money," Butler said. "He wants championships. He won't get it here."

Davis demanded a trade in January and the team is expected to accommodate him during the summer, a year before he is able to become a free agent.

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"He took a team that was sad and made them good," Pelicans fan Darren Johnson said. "He gets props from me for that."

"Right now, I don't want to go to a Pelicans game and I used to go to a lot of Pelican games with my daughter," Varnado said. "I can tell you right now, since he's leaving, the seats going to be empty."

In a sign of the times at the Pelicans Team Shop at the Smoothie King Center, Anthony Davis gear was already 40 percent off ahead of their 112-103 loss against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night.

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Center employee and Pelicans fan Oscar Arias snapped up a few items.

"Just to have something from him, get his autograph and he's a good guy, you know," Arias said. "I wish him good luck."

To be sure, there are fans who are also upset with AD and say good riddance if he doesn't want to be here.

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But, what we heard from the Pelicans faithful going into the final game of the year, it appears the fan base is now ready to move on without the Brow.

After the season-ending game, Alvin Gentry said despite Davis' request to leave, he still appreciates his time in New Orleans.

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“I think he got some bad advice, if you want me to tell you the truth...but he’s a good solid guy, with solid character,” Gentry said.  

Gentry also had a  message to the team following their finale.

“We’re going to be good next year, and we’re going to make the damn playoffs,” Gentry said. 

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