Before the final press conference on the - count them - fifth day of Fiesta Bowl press conferences Monday morning, both LSU coach Ed Orgeron and Central Florida coach Josh Heupel were given a basket of candy.

They were presented by Glendale mayor Jerry Weiers.

"Welcome to my city, Glendale," Weiers said. "We're really proud you're here. We have a couple of baskets for you. They're from world famous Cerrata's chocolates. I don't know if you want to hold them until the game's over or snack on them tonight, but there's incredible candy in there made right here in Glendale. It is a family run business."

What is this? A holiday camp.

Where is this? Mayberry.

Do these people even know there is such a thing as a targeting rule to prevent concussions?

And what will happen to these delightful candy baskets when all the bowls go away as we know them to be replaced by an eight-game playoff, then a 16-team playoff and finally a 32-team tournament?

The Sugar Bowl years ago ended its tradition of both coaches donning chef hats at a restaurant during game week. Always wanted to see Nick Saban do that.

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But wait, there was more.

The Fiesta Bowl had a 4-year-old orangutan named Jiwa at the Phoenix Zoo Monday afternoon "predict" the outcome of Tuesday's noon Fiesta Bowl on ESPN between No. 11 LSU (9-3) and No. 8 UCF (12-0). Two T-Shirts with LSU on one and UCF on the other were presented to Jiwa.

"Whichever shirt he interacts with first, will determine the winner of the game," said a release by the zoo.

It did not define "interacts." So, use your imagination. But I would keep him away from the candy baskets.

Perhaps there will be film at 11.