LSU's gymnastics team finished second nationally at the NCAA Championships Saturday night, and the school thanked them for the fine season with an electronic billboard message that sent one national sports writer into a tizzy.

Darren Rovell, who formerly worked for ESPN and now lists himself as a Sports Business Reporter for The Action Network then let out a Tweet heard 'round Tiger Nation.

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Rovell's Tweet said simply, 'No, you can't put up a billboard for coming in second.' It re-Tweeted LSU Gymnastics' Tweet that included a shot of the billboard and said, simply, 'Thank You Baton Rouge.'

Not sure exactly what about the billboard irked Rovell or why he sought to make a point over it, but LSU, its gymnastics team members and fans quickly retorted - many with NSFW posts of their own (We won't show you those, but, if interested, you can search Darren Rovell on Twitter and check out the responses).

The team members mostly took the high road, but fans were not too happy.

Still, rather than 'agree to disagree' or acknowledge some points, Rovell dug in his heels several times, referring to things like LSU putting up a billboard to its runnerup team as part of a "societal problem" and saying that he was making the argument "for the sake of his children."

Fans were also quick to point out that the Olympics gives out gold, silver and bronze medals and that athletes are congratulated for all of those. Others pointed out that a couple of LSU's athletes were individual national champions.

Whether Rovell thinks he's saving mankind by his position, or if he just did what he did to troll users and generate clicks (His Tweet had 1,100 comments and 2,500 'likes' as of 9 p.m.), LSU's fans mostly stood by their team.