The City of New Orleans will play host to Super Bowl XLVII, according to reports.

Senior NFL Reporter for NBC Sports Boston Albert Breer, citing a source, says that the National Football League will award Super Bowl LVII to Arizona and Super Bowl LVIII to New Orleans.

Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation CEO Jay Cicero said that it's not a done deal, but as of now New Orleans doesn't have any competition.

"Mrs. Benson and Dennis Laucha, the president of the Saints, are going to be making our final pitch Wednesday in Atlanta," Cicero said. "The owners will vote directly after that. It is a single city pitch. We're not bidding against a new stadium city or another city for 2024, So, it's a thumbs up, thumbs down for New Orleans."

Super Bowl 58 is scheduled for February 2024. Mardi Gras 2024 is set for February 13, 2024.