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Ben Watson to Goodell: Your silence is detrimental

Ben Watson is retiring. Sunday was his last game. He is one of the most respected players in the league. His words carry a lot of weight.

Saints tight end Ben Watson, who was deprived of a chance to play his final game in the Super Bowl, is calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to break his silence on the blown call in the NFC Championship game.

Watson is seen as one of the game's statesman, a voice of reason while many sides are involved in disagreements.

Watson, who sat out the NFC Championship while battling appendicitis, Tweeted a statement Thursday afternoon, calling on Goodell to make a comment.

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"We all realize that football is an imperfect game, played, coached and officiated by imperfect people. What occurred last Sunday in New Orleans though, was outside of that expected and accepted norm. Your continued silence on this matter is unbecoming to the position you hold, detrimental to the integrity of the game and disrespectful and dismissive to football fans everywhere. From the locker room to Park Ave, accountability is what makes our league great. Lead by example. We are waiting."

Goodell has made no public comment on the play or the no-call. Saints head coach Sean Payton said immediately after the game that Al Riveron, the executive vice-president of officiating, told him that the call was missed.

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