NEW ORLEANS — How would you like to be sitting at a restaurant, enjoying your meal and a beer, when all of a sudden strangers walk up and hand you two free tickets to Sunday's Saints game?

That's what happened last night and today, to some lucky fans. And a few dozen more of you could still win tickets Thursday night and Friday.

The Dixie Beer company decided to hand out 50 free game tickets this week to people at local establishments. It was all an ambush, surprising people who were drinking a Dixie, with the Dome-Field Advantage Prize Pack and two free tickets.

So we brought our camera along for the ride.

"We want to reward our Dixie fans with two tickets to the game this Sunday," said Nicole Hutson, Brand Manager with Dixie Beer, to the first winner.

"Wow. Wow. Thank you. Thank you," said Jewel McGee, who is a cook. 

"You are welcome," Hutson said.

When asked if he is a Saints fan, McGee responded, "Awe yeah. I'm a big 'Who Dat.'  Who dat all day baby." 

When asked if he already had tickets to the game, he laughed , "No I didn't. I do now." 

When LSUHSC medical student Josh Wells was awarded tickets he said, " That's, that's awesome. I'm really excited. It's great. It's great Dixie's doing something like this. I mean, like I said, I just came in to get a bite to eat. It's awesome and now I have tickets to the game."
"We got to tickets to the game this Sunday," said Hutson to Lake Charles resident Nick Bertrand in town for a job interview. He and the restaurant erupt into "Who Dat,"  clapping and cheering.
"I do live in Lake Charles. Yes. I'm a huge Saints fan, yeah," laughs Bertrand.  

"Wow this Sunday? The playoffs?" asks Lynn Gruenther as she is awarded the tickets. "Thank you."

And probably the best sign that the Saints are going to win is the fact that Delgado English Professor Jackson Moss was surprised with tickets, because the last time the  went to a championship game was when the Saints won and went on to win the Super Bowl. 

"Very surprised. I was not expecting it," said Moss who is a lifelong Saints fan.

So far, Dixie has given away only 16 of the 50 tickets. They will be going to locally owned places on the North Shore Thursday night. Friday, they will be throughout the New Orleans area, on the east and west banks, to reward people who are having a Dixie.