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Drew Brees makes fun of his arm strength while watching Jameis Winston bomb to Harris

"I guess, apparently, this is what the Saints have been missing,” Brees exclaimed during his NBC Sunday night debut.

NEW ORLEANS — Jameis Winston wasn’t the only Saints quarterback making a debut this week. Former QB Drew Brees was making his debut as an NFL analyst and he seemed to have already grasped one element of the job – not taking yourself too seriously.

Brees was tasked with commenting on the Saints’ game highlights and one play in particular got his notice. It was the bomb that Winston completed to Deonte Harris for a 55-yard score, one of Winstson’s five touchdown passes on the evening.

"I guess, apparently, this is what the Saints have been missing,” Brees exclaimed, beating co-hosts Mike Tirico and Tony Dungy to the punch. “Let’s launch it.”

Tirico and Dungy both said Brees stole their line.

Being a good analyst and creating an enjoyable experience for the fans comes with the ability to make fun of yourself, but that isn’t Brees’ sole task.

He also has to be critical of players and he did say that he thought the drama surrounding Aaron Rodgers this offseason could have been a factor in his poor performance.

But Brees is also able to provide insight into the home team that the other analysts cannot. And he was full of praise for Winston and his approach to the game.

“He’s a football junkie. He’s a gym rat. He’s everything you want from a quarterback from a perspective of his work ethic. And his enthusiasm and the way he approaches practice, always a smile on his face, walking into the building and having a good time. He’s like a kid playing football… let’s not forget this is a game and we’re out here to have fun.”

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