After the Saints fell behind 20-3 after the first quarter versus the New England Patriots, I trudged to the concession stand looking for something to numb the pain. As I waited in line, a guy was screaming at the top of his lungs, "I want a BLEEPING water. I WANT A WATER!" He then apologized to the girl at the concession stand and I'm pretty sure he said, "I just want a water...and a defense," as his voice cracked. He may have been crying. It perfectly sums up the 2017 Saints and their fans.

The team has once again crafted a defense so unspeakably bad they are again on pace to be the worst defense in the history of ever. As for us Saints fans, it just feels so exhausting doesn't it?

Right here is probably the part where you expect me to rant and rave about demanding answers from Sean Payton and wanting the media to ask him the 'tough questions'. Why bother? Sean Payton hasn't had the answers to fix the Saints defense since he hired Gregg Williams in 2009. Did you know Payton's record is 57-57 without Williams running his defense? I was surprised the record was that good.

The Saints defense has allowed 80 percent of passes to be completed and opposing quarterbacks to have a rating of 140 to start 2017. The Saints defense has magic powers to cure any problem you might have. Can't score? Quarterback struggling? Have debilitating migraines? The Saints defense will lay their hands upon you and heal your ills.

The point where I realized Sean Payton completely gave up on his defense and acknowledged he has no answers is when the Saints went for it on 4th and 3rd down 27-13 late in first half.

It was like a father breaking into his kid's piggy bank in order to pay the electric bill or mortgage. It might be necessary but shows how pathetic and sad every which decision led to that exact moment is.

The Saints are on defensive coordinator number three since 2012. They have invested millions in free agents and high draft picks too numerous to list. And yet they are on pace to allow 48 touchdown passes breaking the NFL record they set in 2015.

Go ahead and blame the players or the plan if that makes you feel better. This is Sean Payton's creation. The Saints intercepting Tom Brady but having it called back because they had 12 men on the field explains pretty much everything about the last 5 years of New Orleans Saints football.

It amazes and baffles me that Sean Payton can create and get his players to execute an offensive game plan without both of the Saints starting tackles and yet has managed an above average defense only four times since 2006.

The 2017 Saints after two weeks is the worst defense I've ever seen. I know, I know, 2012, 2014-2016 are all awful in their own special way, -----but without Nick Fairley-- I'm certain this defense has regressed from last year. Watching secondary and linebackers gives me a sense of dread and despair usually reserved for a William Faulkner novel.

The Saints are a bottom five NFL team with Drew Brees still an elite quarterback. It seems almost too unbelievable to fathom. But here we are.

The Saints are likely going to ship Kenny Vaccaro out of town very soon after benching him and Adrian Peterson fits in the Saints offense like a pop tart in a DVD player. Oh, and Marshon Lattimore, the flicker of light in the black hole we call the Saints defense, is in the NFL concussion protocol.

You know what the scariest part about the Saints fourth consecutive 0-2 start is? They have gotten absolutely dump trucked twice and they haven't even committed any turnovers. The thought of the Saints offense giving the ball away two or three times is a horror film that would make Stephan King's 'It' look like a family comedy.

Rid yourself of delusions of competence by this team. We are going to have to dig DEEP for enjoyment this year and only the laughter can save us now. Our suffering will be real and not even LSU on Saturday will distract us from this wreck.

Football weekends for us are now about survival, making alternate plans, and gallows humor. There will be no joy in Saintsville.

The Saints present is terrible, the Saints future is worse than terrible, and we the fans are left with no answers and no hope.