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Forecast: Sean Payton feels good about the Saints, so we should too

Can we all just take a moment to revel in how fantastically entertaining Payton is?

NEW ORLEANS — I have a theory that should make us feel really good about how the 2020 New Orleans Saints are playing and it involves Sean Payton's mood. Y'all, Sean Payton has seemingly embraced the chaos that is the 2020 football season, likes where his team is at, and is having fun.

Don't believe me?

Payton tweeted this meme at Pro Football Talk after Mike Florio tried to walk back his story that Michael Thomas might be traded. A coach not feeling good about his team would probably not start his morning by putting the most well known football website on blast.

Payton did.

Can we all just take a moment to revel in how fantastically entertaining Payton is? There isn't a single other NFL coach who's lobbing bombs on Twitter before breakfast. From the hidden Roger Goodell clown t-shirt to 'Worry about your meat' Payton delivers us merriment even when Saints aren't playing. It's great and whenever Payton's gone and we have some robot coaching the team who never says anything remotely fun we will miss Payton. Don't go changing Sean.

Payton gave us that little gift on Tuesday morning and then on Wednesday dropped an Animal House movie reference from 40 years ago, when he said the Saints were in 'double secret probation' in regards to COVID protocols. The only thing that would have made it better is if he'd have mentioned how the Saints didn't give up even when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

If the Saints are 2-4 or even 3-3 I doubt Sean is feeling so good. So if Sean Payton is feeling good about where the Saints are then I'm going to feel good about where the Saints are and you should too.

Saints Fan Mood and Meditation Music: Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato Ask any Saints fan which team they hate the most and Falcons are always #1 but the Chicago Bears are unusually high on the list. Saints fans are never letting Bears treatment of them during the 2006 NFC Championship go. We are petty, and we have LOOONG memories. The Saints kicking the Bears in the teeth last year was delightful. As Demi says 'Sorry Not Sorry'.

The Games Last Week: 3-2 Season: 15-15 

New Orleans (-4) at Chicago: The Bears only had 279 yards of offense against the Los Angeles Rams Monday night but 61 of those came on 2 plays after they were down 24-3. Chicago is last in the NFL running the football. Good luck to the Bears trying to run on the Saints, who are 4th in the NFL against the run, allowing only 89 yards a game.

You know that Panthers defense the Saints just carved up? The Bears managed just 261 yards against them.

Did I mention Bears quarterback Nick Foles was critical of head coach Charles Nagy's play calling? So Chicago's offense is a mess. Their defense is good but they do allow 119 yards a game rushing, so expect a heavy dose of Latavius Murray and Alvin Kamara.

If Marcus Williams has another busted coverage, he may go so deep into Sean Payton's dog house we never seen him again. When asked about the coverage problems this week, Payton responded, “That's the $6 million question.” You know whose contract is worth 4 years and $6 million? Marcus Williams. That's quite the coincidence Payton mentioned 6 million there isn't it? Marcus is on notice.

This game will be low scoring and ugly the way the Bears like it, but the Saints are going to win anyway, and set up another huge game with Tom Brady and Tampa Bay next Sunday night.

Saints 17-13

Carolina (-2.5) vs Atlanta: The Falcons managed to score a game losing touchdown last week against the Lions and find another new way to lose a football game. The 2020 Falcons are a joy to watch.

Panthers 35-21

Kansas City (-19.5) vs New York Jets: Chiefs will be resting Pat Mahomes by the 3rd quarter.

Chiefs 45-3

Philadelphia (-7.5) vs Dallas: What has America done to deserve to be forced to watch this on Sunday night?

Eagles 27-10

San Francisco (+3) at Seattle: The Seahawks are 5-1 but their defense is 2012 Saints level bad. Seriously. At some point that catches up with them.

49ers 28-21

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