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Marshon Lattimore's attorney says evidence will show Saints CB is innocent

"I think this is a misunderstanding."

NEW ORLEANS — We are hearing from Marshon Lattimore's attorney for the first time since his arrest. 

Lattimore was found to have a stolen gun on him during a traffic stop while he was in Cleveland for his mother's birthday, according to police.

"Listen to me, if you have a gun it's okay," said an officer in body camera video obtained by WWL-TV. "Do you have a gun?"

"My assessment is that officers and Marshon are having a friendly, amicable banter, everyone is acting appropriately, he's answering their questions," said Marcus Sidoti, Lattimore's attorney.

Sidoti, with Friedman, Gilbert, and Gerhardstein, represents Lattimore. He says body cam video of the March 26 traffic stop shows a big misunderstanding with his client.

"He's taking this very seriously," Sidoti said. "He wants to put it behind him and he wants to move forward with his family and his job."

Lattimore was in a car with three friends in Cleveland when they were pulled over for multiple traffic violations. Officers found multiple guns in the car, including a loaded one Lattimore admitted to having.

"Just as I said the day of the arrest, I think this is a misunderstanding and I think it will all get vetted out," Sidoti said.

According to his lawyer, Lattimore has had a CCW or Carrying a Concealed Weapons license for more than a year. He says Lattimore had no clue the gun he had on him that night was reportedly stolen.

"Marshon had no knowledge the gun was ever at any time reported stolen that's it," Sidoti said. "Someone like that, who's licensed to carry with no prior criminal record, would have no purpose and no reason to knowingly possess a stolen firearm. He's able to carry one lawfully."

Lattimore and his friends were all arrested that night. With the investigation ongoing, Sidoti says his client is in the clear and the evidence will prove that.