When the Saints clinched the NFC South title Sunday night, that moved fans into action. That is also proving to be good for business for anything and everything Saints, even the music of a local rap artist.

When Fleurty Girl opened its doors Monday at the Metairie Severn location, there were 208 Benson, Kamara and Brees candles. By midday, only a handful were left.

"I was looking at these a couple of weeks ago, and I passed on it, but yesterday that was my sign I need to come get it," said Dawn Smith, who said the win over Tampa Bay pushed her to come get a Drew Brees candle.

Anything that is black and gold, and anything that has anything to do with the G.O.A.T., the "Greatest of All Time" number 9, was flying off of the shelves.

But it's the celebration in the locker room that has a local rap artist, who loves the black and gold, seeing gold.

"I just look at it as a blessing and a miracle. I'm just so happy that the Saints, like I said, that's my favorite team. I mean, I bleed black and gold. You got to understand," said rap artist Choppa.

Choppa wrote the song 'Choppa Style' in 2002, and he says since it was played in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome two weeks ago, sales are spiking.

"When I looked around (in the Dome), I saw the people having a great time and I just couldn't do nothing but have two little tears of joy come out my, come down my cheek," said Choppa.

So, could his song be the next Saints celebratory anthem like 'Halftime' (Stand Up and Get Crunk!)?

"Salute. Shout out to the Ying Yang Twins' 'Stand Up and Get Crunk!', but you know, we from New Orleans, so we need that home grown gumbo, you understand what I'm saying?"

While Choppa says some of the 'Bless You Boys' were busting his moves, he may borrow some of theirs.

"That's my dance now," he said watching the players dance in the locker room on social media. "We going to mix that with the Benson. That's the new 'Benson Boogie.'"

Since he's already got a reservation in Atlanta for the Super Bowl, that's were he hopes to be doing those moves.

Choppa also wrote a Saints song a few years ago.

He says that song started going viral when the Saints went to the playoffs last year.