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Saints fans show their pettiness after victorious win over the Dirty Birds

"Every time they lose we have to be petty. It's in our nature," said April Brooks of 'Nola Hat Plug.'

NEW ORLEANS — Saints fans are admittedly petty and after the Falcons' epic failure Sunday, the pettiness is coming out at businesses and on social media to make sure the Falcons won’t forget it.

"Every time they lose we have to be petty. It's in our nature," said April Brooks of 'Nola Hat Plug.'

She immediately created '26-10' shirts to remind the Falcons what their score was early in the fourth quarter. Within a few hours, she sold more than 60 and is still getting orders in.

"The petty Saints fan that I am, I had to hurry up to make some shirts," Brooks said.

"I thought it was an amazing comeback," said Saints fan Donald Payne. "We can lose every game in the season but as long as we win that one, we’re good."

The Breaux Mart in Chalmette made '26-10' cakes, an updated version of the '28-3' cakes that commemorated the Falcons Super Bowl collapse.

"Always petty. It’s a big rivalry, biggest in the NFL," said Stephen Exnicios, Assistant Store Manager at Breaux Mart.

"The most petty thing I've seen is the reminder that the Falcons have a history of blowing the game when they are so far ahead. Couldn’t have blown it against a better team," Payne said.

One Saints fan posted a boomerang on Instagram, showing water being poured a "Falcons tears" water bottle with the caption, "watering the yard this morning."

"Who dat want some dirty bird," Chef Kevin Belton said in a video tweet as he fed his dogs. He included the caption "Dirty Bird never tasted so good for da WhoDat Dog Krewe y'all."

"It's always nice to win against the dirty birds. I'm a big fan of watching them go down in the 'L' category," said Saints fan, William Souza.

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