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Sean Payton: Saints could be in Dallas for the next month

The team was displaced after Hurricane Ida left widespread damage in Louisiana and New Orleans without power.

NEW ORLEANS — The New Orleans Saints could spend the entire first month of the NFL season in Dallas.

Hurricane Ida left widespread destruction in southeast Louisiana and the entire city of New Orleans without power.

Saints head coach Sean Payton said Tuesday in a news conference that the team is planning with the idea that they'll be out of the city for the month.

The team was originally scheduled to play its first game at home on September 12 against the Green Bay Packers. Their second and third games, against Carolina and New England, are road games. Their fourth game, against the New York Giants, is a home game.

In Tuesday's news conference, Payton said that the team's first game could be at AT&T Stadium, according to Saints analyst Nick Underhill. 

Texas Christian University and Southern Methodist University could also play host to the Saints, according to Underhill.

The Saints are still trying to figure out where to set up its practice base, Underhill reports Payton as saying. They'd like an indoor facility, and college facilities might be the best option because of their schedules.

The plan is fluid and could be dialed back. There has been no timetable for when New Orleans might get its power back in the majority of the city. 

The team's final preseason game was cancelled on Saturday as Ida approached the Gulf Coast. 

Also in the news conference, Payton confirmed previous reports that Jameis Winston will be the starting quarterback. This will be the first season since Drew Brees' retirement.