One super Saints fan decided to take his fandom with him wherever he goes.

Local mechanic, Wade Nunez, rebuilt a Yahama motorcycle and turned it into a black and gold bike.

Nunez says he has been a mechanic for more than 20 years.

“The passion for the Saints, that started the day I took my first breath and it’s kept on running through my mind, what could I do?”

So, he converted his motorcycle into a Who Dat dream.

“I started researching and found something I could get. I bought this at a salvage auction, it was wrecked,” he said.

Nunez is a big Deuce Mcallister fan so he put him out it with a play of him stiff-arming a Buccaneers player. He also has the infamous blocked punt by Steve Gleason against the Falcons post Katrina.

“That just changed how people looked at, not only the city, but the Saints. That’s so iconic, that had to go on there,” he said.

Nunez said when he is out riding, people at stop lights will stop and stare at how cool his motorcycle looks.

“I’ve got three bikes, but only one like this one,” he said.