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Forecast: What Saints fans need to watch for in the 2022 NFL Draft

Strap in kids, it might be a night of chaos.

Ralph Malbrough / Contributing Writer

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Published: 8:37 AM CDT April 25, 2022
Updated: 12:19 PM CDT April 28, 2022

The New Orleans Saints 2022 off-season has mostly been uneventful and boring since Sean Payton handed Gayle Benson a king cake on the day he announced his retirement as coach of the Saints.

Well, there was that one week Saints fans yelled at each other over the possibility the team might trade for disgraced and controversial Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Like every team and fan base that didn't actually trade for Watson, we just pretended we didn't know Watson, didn't want Watson, have no idea why anyone would bring that up and are just moving along.

Then, Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis went and injected complete and total chaos into the 2022 NFL Draft by trading for the 16th and 19th picks. In 5 minutes on a Monday afternoon, the Saints' off-season went from “Why aren't the Saints doing anything?” to “What the @#$ are the Saints doing!”

Nothing is more exhilarating than the Saints dropping a crazy out-of-the-blue off-season move on us when we least expect it. Good times.

This Saints trade has the added enjoyment of confusing the national media, so of course, they hate anything they don't understand, which only adds to our fun.

Are the Saints planning to trade up from 16 to get a quarterback? Are they planning on taking an offensive tackle to replace the departed Terron Armstead? Could they draft ALL THE RECEIVERS since theirs are mostly terrible?

Might the Saints do the thing they never ever did while Sean Payton was in the building and trade down after trading up?

This would be my dream scenario because all the draft value chart nerds would need to get out their draft pick value tables and abacuses and use math to tell us what we already know about the national media. They think any and all moves the Saints do are bad and eventually, someday soon these reckless moves will ruin the Saints.

Never forget; The draft nerds, like the salary cap nerds, HATE HATE HATE any Saints move because the draft nerds believe accumulating draft picks by trading down is a smart move regardless if those extra picks turn into good players or not.

Mickey Loomis trades down as often as the French Quarter closes. Sure, it has happened, but no one can remember when or give you any details of what or why it actually occurred.

The Saints aren't going to tell us what they are going to do until Roger Goodell announces they are on the clock and he's handed a card with a name on it.

I'm not going to give you your 45689 mock draft to read because everybody knows whenever we read mock drafts we just scroll to see who the Saints pick and ignore the rest. Don't pretend to care who the Detroit Lions are selecting. We both know you don't.

What I am going to do is give you a couple of tips while watching the draft this Thursday night.

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