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Forecast: The Saints need to go all in on Russell Wilson


NEW ORLEANS — The New Orleans Saints have started 5 quarterbacks the last 2 seasons and we aren't even sure who will start Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. The Saints won't have a chance to be truly great again without a great quarterback. Solving the QB riddle is the number one issue for the Saints heading into 2022.

My solution: Go YOLO for Russell Wilson and do whatever it takes to get him from Seattle. WHAT. EVER. IT. TAKES.

The Seahawks and Russell Wilson's marriage looks to be over. The Seahawks are 5-10, in last place, and have no 2022 first-round draft pick. It's time to hit the reset button with a boatload of draft picks from trading Russell Wilson. Wilson's contract includes a no-trade clause, but last off-season it was reported Wilson has a list of teams he'd accept a trade to and OMG THE SAINTS WERE ON IT.

Sean Payton has won games with Taysom Hill, Jameis Winston and Trevor Siemian at quarterback in 2021, so just imagine the fun we'd have watching him design an offense for Russell Wilson.

Payton is an offensive mastermind, who we just watched for 15 years get the ABSOLUTE maximum out of Drew Brees, even as Drew's physical skills declined. The thing that stopped the Saints from winning more titles with Brees was bad luck and bad defense. A Payton and Wilson offense would be electric. I'm sure of it.

Some of you might say, “You can't give up a ton of draft picks for Wilson when the Saints have so many other needs on offense.”

Would you prefer the Saints trade up for a rookie QB who we have no idea if they are any good? Or resign an injured Jameis and use cap space Loomis can always create and draft picks to fix the offense? It could work but those paths are no easier than trading for Russell Wilson and having to fill all other holes through free agency because you have no high picks the next 2 years.


Please. Are you new here? If the Saints trade for Russell Wilson, they'll sign him to an extension and turn his 2022 and 2023 cap hit into like $4.50. It's what the Saints do.

The Saints would create probably 30-50 million in cap space after trading for Wilson and then attempt to keep safety Marcus Williams and go shopping for some receivers and tight ends. It will be hilarious to hear all the salary cap nerds telling us, “The Saints are going to be doomed in 2025 when they are 9 billion over the salary cap! You'll see.”

The only thing that stopped the Saints magical salary cap math was a global pandemic and guess what? NFL revenue is about hit the stratosphere with the new TV and gambling money that's on the way. As long as Gayle Benson is willing to cut signing bonus checks to create cap space today, the really painful tomorrow will never arrive.

Don't worry about all those draft picks the Saints would give up to get Wilson, you won't even miss them the second he hits Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas the first game of 2022.

ESPN's Bill Barnell proposed the Saints give Seattle 1st and 3rd round picks in 2022 and 2023 plus Chauncey Gardner Johnson. If Seattle wanted that, I wouldn't even blink if I were the Saints. Losing Saints legend and Tom Brady owner Ceedy Duce would sting, but we can hang a mural of Ceedy taunting Brady in the Saints Hall of Fame to live forever.

So, if the opportunity presents itself Saints, go and get Russell Wilson, we'll all just do something else on NFL Draft weekend the next 2 years.

Saints Fan Mood and Meditation Music: We Got The Funk – George Clinton

Sometimes only the funk can save us. It's been a rough week in Saintsville. The Saints were ravaged with COVID, their offense is pitiful, and everything rides on the defense. 

The key to a playoff run? Defense and Funk. So we turn to the master, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.

The Games 

Last Week: 4-1
Season: 37-33

Carolina (+7) at New Orleans: The Saints should be getting most everyone back off the COVID list, but we still aren't sure who the quarterback will be and their injuries at offensive tackle haven't been COVID related.

The Saints shouldn't be favored by a touchdown over any team, even the seemingly dead and disinterested Carolina Panthers. Carolina is almost a mirror image of the Saints; really good defense and a disaster on offense.

If you like competent offensive football, this Saints-Panthers game is not for you. The good news is the Saints reborn pass rush should have a field day against a Panthers offensive line that's allowed 43 sacks. The Panthers might play all three of their terrible quarterbacks so let's hope for turnovers and a chance to boo Cam Newton one final time.

The Saints last 3 home games they've scored a total of 26 points. Why exactly is that going to change against the Panthers? I'm just not sure how the Saints score against a Carolina defense that's given up the second fewest passing yards in the NFL. Carolina is 21st against the run, but the only team who completely committed to stopping the Saints run game recently and failed was the Jets, and the Jets fail at everything they attempt football related.

I want the season finale against the Falcons to mean something, but I fear the Saints fatally flawed offense will end their playoff dreams once and for all.

Panthers 19-17

Baltimore (+3.5) vs Los Angeles Rams: The Rams losing would help the Saints because if the Saints manage to stay alive heading to Week 18, we need the Rams interested in beating the 49ers.

Ravens 24-20

Philadelphia (-3) at Washington: How are the Eagles only favored by 3 over WFT? Washington is more concerned with fighting each other.

Eagles 31-13

Houston (+12.5) at San Francisco: I don't think the Texans can win, but the 49ers will be starting rookie quarterback Trey Lance. It will be annoyingly close for them.

49ers 27-17

Atlanta (+14.5) at Buffalo: It'd be pretty cool if the Saints and Falcons both won and their season finale had serious playoff implications. I doubt it happens.

Bills 31-21

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