Here is where the Saints rate by some of the national sports web sites that provide power rankings.

ESPN: Saints 3rd, up from 9th - Over their seven-game win streak, the Saints have rushed for 1,139 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Yahoo!: Saints 3rd, up from 4th - One reason the Saints’ defense is playing well: New Orleans’ offense is sustaining drives. The Saints are fourth in the league in time of possession.

Washington Post: Saints 3rd, up from 5th - It’s time to put aside the old notions about their suspect defense and lack of commitment to the running game. They can play defense.

USA Today: Saints 5th, up from 8th - Today's second history lesson - only other teams since 1966 to win six straight after an 0-2 start ('93 Cowboys, '07 Giants) both won Super Bowl.

Saints Super Bowl odds fall - The Saints, meanwhile, are now considered a legitimate contender after blowing out the Bills 47-10, handing Buffalo its first home loss of the season.

SB Nation: Saints 3rd - same as last week - No comments