If any of the Saints players had any question about what the team is playing for in the postseason, head coach Sean Payton brought along some props and choice words to let them know.

According to players and several reports, Payton brought in the team's Lombardi trophy for winning the Super Bowl in 2010 (the 2009 season) and a little over $200,000 in cash (apparently representing the Super Bowl bonus a winning team would get) into the locker room Monday and had a message for the players.

Do you want this? If so, win 3 (expletive) games.

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The Saints are the top seed in the NFC with any playoff games prior to the Super Bowl being played in New Orleans, as long as the team continues to win.

Payton has used motivational tools before, including having running back Reggie Bush carry a baseball bat into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in the 2009 playoffs, signifying that the team would 'bring the wood' to battle.

That year the Saints were also the top seed and they ended up winning the Super Bowl.

Quarterback Drew Brees said he thought the gesture was motivation for the team, especially the younger players.

"Sean trying to give everybody a vision, especially the younger guys as to what we're after and the opportunity that we have, especially as the one seed," he said. "First things first though. This is the most important game of the season."