NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans Saints and likely soon-to-be free agent Teddy Bridgewater Tweeted out a message of hope to young boys who find themselves in tough situations. 

The Saints backup, who led the team to a 5-0 record when starting in place of Drew Brees this past season, sent out a tweet of hopes, dreams and fears to an unnamed young boy, before saying that he was once that child in trouble.

Bridgewater has found troubles in his professional career as well, as injuries have plagued him and kept him from reaching the potential seen during a Pro Bowl year in Minnesota. He is now expected to receive either a high payday from the Saints or another team as he enters free agency.

Bridgewater's Tweet highlighted the struggles of young men like himself with several sentences of hope.

"To the young boy who woke up this morning and had to prepare yourself for the harsh realities of this world on your own because your mama job schedule is hectic. To the young boy that's afraid to read out loud in front of the class because the fear of mispronouncing word is greater than the fear of hearing gun shots throughout the night. To the young boy who finds happiness in free lunch at school because that's the only meal you will eat that day.

To the young boy that looks forward to practice but hates when practice ends because that's the only place you find joy in the world and once practice is over its back to the struggle. To the young boy dealing with the pressure of running with his boys to do foolish things. To the young boy that looked upon as lame for making the right decisions. To the young boy whose path is headed straight down the road to jail or death because of the environment you live in. To the young boy that's going to graduate high school. To the young boy that's going to be the first of his family to graduate college.

To the young boy that's going to live out his dream and change the world.

I was once in your shoes

I believe in you."

- Teddy B.