Let’s take a look back at ‘The Drive.’

If the Saints go on to make, even win the Super Bowl, the 18-play, nearly 11 and a half-minute touchdown drive will be remembered as ‘The Drive.’ The Saints shot themselves in the foot several times on the drive, including the punt penalty that had them start on their own 8. Yet they ate the clock, took the lead and made a statement.

Fun fact is that the Saints actually traveled about 112 yards on the 92-yard drive, thanks in part to several penalties that could have derailed the drive, but merely served as speed bumps. 

1st and 10 NO 8 – Yes, once again a Saints penalty caused the team to start in a hole. The Saints didn’t have a short field all game. This would be no exception. Mark Ingram gets 1 yard.

2nd and 9  NO 9 – Incomplete pass, but penalty for defensive holding gives Saints 5 yards and first down.

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1st and 10 NO 14 – Mark Ingram gets 4 tough yards.

2nd and 6 NO 18 – Brees to Ginn for 8 yards and a first down.

1st and 10 NO 26 – Another run try, another small gain. Kamara for 1.

2nd and 9 NO 27 – Brees to Mike Thomas for 11 yards and a first (the first of many to Thomas)

1st and 10 NO 38 – Brees to Kirkwood for 6

2nd and 4 NO 44 – Another run, another yard. Kamara for 1.

3rd and 3 NO 45 – Bress to Josh Hill for 9 and first. Pick play, not a pick play.

1st and 10 PHI 46 – Brees incomplete in end zone to Taysom Hill. Thrown slightly late, great breakup by DB.

2nd and 10 PHI 46 – Taysom Hill beauty to Kamara for TD, but wait, holding penalty takes the TD off the board AND marches Saints back 10 yards. Two Taysom plays in two plays – both could have been touchdowns – one as a receiver and one as a passer.

2nd and 20 NO 44 – Brees to Michael Thomas for 20 yards and a first down.

1st and 10 PHI 36 – Tre’Quan Smith gets 5 yards on a reverse.

2nd and 5 PHI 31 – Kamara gets 4 yards

3rd and 1 PHI 27 – Kamara gets 1 yard and first down.

1st and 10 PHI 26 – Taysom Hill runs for 3. Another holding penalty, this one Unger.

1st and 20 PHI 36 – Incomplete pass

2nd and 20 PHI 36 – Brees to Kamara for 4 yards

3rd and 16 PHI 32 – Another HUGE play with Brees to Thomas (again) for 20 and a first.

1st and 10 PHI 12 – Peat false start – moving back again

1st and 15 PHI 17 – Kamara around end for 15 yards to the 2

1st and goal PHI 2 – Michael Thomas from Brees – touchdown.